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Kennesha Bracely of Live Long Enterprises

Mom, "Genie", Dr. Sensei, and Nesha to her family & friends, but to many in the grieving community she is also known as Dr.Kennesha. Dr.Kennesha is the world traveling Angel Mom who supports others by embracing their Life Shifts in this challenging journey called life.

Dr.Kennesha's intention is to help others successfully navigate Life Shifts by using her Live Long Lifestyle Tools to help fill in the gaps of grief/loss through travel, arts, laughter, holistic and integrative health and wellness, plant spirit medicine, energy healing, and more.

Her Live Long Lifestyle is an expression of resiliency, liberation, and healthy living that has been inspired by Dante' Long, her son, who made his earthly transition at the age of 19 in 2016.

Experiencing such a traumatic Life Shift like that has given her more skin in the game. She uses her wisdom on this life journey and education & wellness certifications to teach women how to rise from the ashes, heal heartbreak and experience an UNlimited life.

She is excited to share her knowledge as a guide, mentor, accountability partner, and hype woman, because she knows what it feels like to be alone without resources to mend the cracks of a broken heart and navigate in a new life. Follow Dr.Kennesha to learn more!

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